Sales Development Representative


We’re looking for a highly-motivated Sales Development Representative (SDR) to join our team. As an SDR, you are the first point of contact for all of ShiftLink’ssales initiatives. You’ll generate interest, enthusiasm and demand for ShiftLink’sshift management solution while partnering to create a steady pipeline of businessto arm your colleagues on the executive team. You’ll actively contribute to ourrevenue while learning the ropes of a growth-stage startup.


We believe the SDR role is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door at agrowing company. We are prepared to invest in and train our new team—we expectour SDRs will have an opportunity to close six figure deals, grow into managingteams of their own, run new client implementations, and contribute to digitalmarketing initiatives.


The ShiftLink team is a small tight-knit team with diverse backgrounds, comprisedof company founders, sales consultants, a digital marketing coordinator, and a fewdevelopers focused on making a difference for individuals, organizations andcommunities. -- We are laser focused on starting conversations with qualified leadsand working with companies of all kinds, from hospitals, to non-profits tomanufacturing and construction. We know we can help make frontline staff andclients happier, and more efficient – simply by adding our technology to theirworkplace. Still curious about sales development opportunities at ShiftLink?? Keepreading!


  • 3 or more years’ experience in a sales role (inside/outside) as part of a SaaS,healthcare, manufacturing, construction or other B2B company. You are driven;and love a fast paced, constantly-changing environment; and you are passionateabout tech start-ups!
  • The ability to proactively engage new clients through email and phone is a must have
  • A consultative and human sales approach -- every conversation is different, andevery ShiftLink client is different – we believe in authentic, meaningfulconversations with prospects
  • You have the skills to passionately and clearly articulate value/benefit ofShiftLink’s automated shift-filling platform to prospective clients
  • You have a knack for asking great questions to uncover issues with a prospect’scurrent shift management process
  • You’re a team-player with a positive attitude with a strong desire to help improveinternal processes beyond your day-to-day tasks
  • A desire to learn, grow, and get in on the ground floor of a top start-up whilelaunching your career to the next level
  • Ability to adapt and thrive in an environment where the only constant is change


  • Participate in ShiftLink orientation where you'll learn about our company, productsand all the different things going on at ShiftLink
  • Dive right in to our sales plans and quickly start developing an understanding ofour perfect customer and basic qualifying criteria for the products
  • Jump into the day to day of an SDR. Everything from learning to navigate our salestools to enhancing your sales knowledge to continue to drive consultative, qualityconversations with customers
  • Learn and help to strengthen the ShiftLink sales process and be completely at-home in using HubSpot CRM for all sales activity tracking and reporting


  • Own your numbers -- hit your ramp goals on phone call metrics, and leadconversions you generate.
  • Become a tight-knit, well-oiled machine with Account Executives, where you willcreate assist records.
  • Put on your investigative hat and use all available tools and data sources to research important details about leads (companies’ latest venture capital funding,hiring goals, stakeholders etc.)
  • Take initiative to help marketing convert their efforts into leads for the sales team
  • Become a ShiftLink expert – you are able to confidently speak to product featuresand the value of bringing ShiftLink to any company looking to improve shiftmanagement processes


  • Effortlessly fold in cold outreach to your routine where you can jump into a phoneconversation with anyone - even C-level executives - while consistently meetingyour numbers
  • Tap into the knowledge you’ve been building to discover totally new sources ofleads that we can reach out to
  • Represent ShiftLink post-COVID-19 at conferences and engage potential leads inperson at trade shows and events as appropriate; minimal travel is required
  • Step up as a leader to support new team members, assist with training andcoaching


  • Continue helping onboard, train and mentor your peers
  • Prove to us that you’re ready for the next step in your career to take on newopportunities in closing sales, account executive management,or explore otheropportunities with ShiftLink as they come up.


The simplest things can make the biggest difference.
Starting a business begins with identifying a pain point and, for us, we didn’t have to look far.

Working in home healthcare we saw firsthand how costly filling vacant shifts couldbe. We saw how inefficient it was to make phone call after phone call.

We saw how it could consume a manager’s whole day, leaving them frustrated anddefeated. We watched staff feeling guilty about turning down a shift or angry aboutbeing cajoled into one they didn’t want.

Worse, we saw how this process led to extended wait times and cancelled servicefor clients and their families.

Bingo! We had found the technology gap getting in the way of making a difference!

ShiftLink was created to make a difference to anyone else who lives this pain point.Whether in healthcare, manufacturing, construction, security or retail, ShiftLink helps to eliminate this universal issue through technology that is already familiar to you and your staff.

Our clients love the time and cost it saves them, but also rave about how easy ShiftLink is to learn and use. That’s something that makes us enormously proud aswe know that making a difference requires less complication, not more.

Simply make a difference. It’s what we do. It’s our WHY.

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